Extraordinary work of SER of PR recognized Secretary of State and Governor deliver SER Day Proclamation

From left to right, Jusepp Donastorg - SER Student, Secretary of State - Hon. Larry Seilhamer Rodríguez, Lcdo. Milton Cruz – President of the Board of Directors of SER of Puerto Rico, Marilyn Cepeda - SER participant and Nilda Morales – President and CEO of SER.

January 29, 2021- San Juan, Puerto Rico—- The Education and Rehabilitation Society of PR – (SER), received this morning the proclamation from the Department of State that recognizes SER Day for its constant and extraordinary work in for people with disabilities and/or the autism spectrum.

“INCLUSION IS POSSIBLE”, is the motto that defines the vision and mission of SER de PR, and that is visible in each story and testimony. This is evident in the case of Jusepp Donastorg, a student at SER, who was in charge of the invocation, and Marilyn Cepeda, a participant in the institution.

“For more than 70 years, SER de Puerto Rico has been dedicated to ensuring that people with disabilities can have a full life, can receive therapeutic services, can have an education, and can be an integral part of our communities. SER from Puerto Rico is one of those who put the action where they put the word. Every day, thanks to their work, they make inclusion truly possible. On behalf of all Puerto Ricans, please receive the deep gratitude of a people that recognizes and highlights your work and your mission.

Honorable Pedro Pierluisi - Governor of Puerto Rico

It is an honor for me to affix my signature on the proclamation that declares today, January 29, 2021, as the Day of Being of Puerto Rico,” said Governor Pedro R. Pierluisi.

For his part, Secretary of State Larry Seilhamer expressed, “My respect and admiration for SER de Puerto Rico for the services and work they carry out. I share your motto, "Inclusion is something possible", because it is a claim at a global level, since these are moments of building bridges, but to build, we must demolish the walls that separate us, inequality and discrimination. That is why SER sends us a message to be inclusive. Not just with words, but with actions." Know that in the Government, you can always count on us.

Likewise, Milton Cruz, president of the Board of Directors of SER de Puerto Rico, expressed his pride and satisfaction in belonging and being part of the SER de Puerto Rico team. “I have had the opportunity to observe first-hand how the participants receive their treatments from excellent professionals. But beyond that, I have seen these professionals deliver the treatments with a perfect combination of professionalism and so much love… That is, ultimately, what makes the difference in the lives of these people.”

To date, over one million Puerto Ricans have contributed donations to SER de Puerto Rico. Thanks to these donations, it has been possible to improve and strengthen the infrastructure of the institution, through the acquisition of advanced robotic technology equipment, unique in Puerto Rico, used by our professionals to offer services and obtain exceptional results.

“In times of greatest challenges, our family of SER de Puerto Rico has remained strong and constant thanks to the commitment, passion and dedication of each of the people who work in our house. Every day, each one of them reaffirms their love for what they do and, by the way, we reaffirm ourselves in the capacity that we have as citizens to, united, lift up Puerto Rico. Together we can go far. I cannot fail to mention our private sector partners who, through alliance partnerships, support our mission. Without them we could not achieve our goals. To all, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” said Nilda Morales, president and CEO of SER de Puerto Rico.

During the reading of the proclamation, as is tradition, the recognition was delivered to the “SER Value of the Year” which was awarded to Luisito Vigoreaux, for his commitment and support to the institution. “My commitment to SER is to be recognized, it is to be part of this admirable mission, because it really touches my heart to transform the lives of children and adults who receive services at SER”, Vigoreaux pointed out.

During the activity, the presence of the former Surgeon General of the United States – Dr. Antonia Coello, who has served as a volunteer of the institution for the past 20 years, was also highlighted.

SER operates the only pediatric rehabilitation center on the Island – centers in San Juan, Ponce and Ceiba. In the same way, it carries out evaluation, referral, screening and follow-up clinics for infants from 0 to five (5) years of age in the various municipalities of rural areas. For cooperate and participate in the activities carried out by the organization as a volunteer and donor, you can call SER de Puerto Rico at (787) 767-6992 or (787) 767-6710. In Ponce it is (787) 813-1972 and Ceiba (787) 719 – 5444 for mtos information about the institution can access to  www.ser.pr.