Educational Program 4th – 12th Grade

Adapted Physical Education

Music Program

Art Program

The Guillermo Atiles Moreu School is under the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and licensed by the Board of Education.

Our educational services range from kindergarten through the 12th grade of high school. The school uses the co-teaching strategy with a regular teacher or Montessori guide and special education teacher in every classroom that offer individualized help.

From kindergarten to the 3rd grade, the Montessori methodology is used, in which the focus is in the individual development of each child and their needs, with the aim of promoting independence to the larger scale of each child.

From 4th to 6th grade a regular curriculum by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico that seeks to create a working student who “knows, knows how, knows how to be and knows how to coexists”.

Adapted physical education courses, Commerce, Visual Arts, Theater, Family Sciences and Consumer, Health and Independent Living are additional course offered.

To strengthen and expand educational opportunities, we are currently working to build a school a specialized in the development of citizenship competencies.