The Lokomat® is a medical device that uses robotic technology to aid in the ambulation of participants with a disability related to damage to the spinal cord or brain that affects the ability to walk. It has video games where the participant participates in the therapy in an interactive and fun way.


The Armeo® is a piece of equipment designed to facilitate arm movements. It is used in participants with brain, neurological, spinal cord or bone disorders. The participant (adult or child) is positioned in front of a screen where they make movements according to the game that is presented, which makes the therapy time much more fun .


Nirvana® is a virtual rehabilitation team where the participant with loss of muscle strength performs guided, measured and fun exercises.

Multisensory Laboratory

The multisensory laboratory® is an environment created to stimulate the senses of touch, hearing, sight and smell.

Biomechanical Laboratory

The Biomechanical Laboratory® is a high-tech team whose purpose is to analyze the movement pattern in participants who have difficulty with their mobility.

G Walk

The G-Walk® is a technological device for the timely and accurate evaluation of dysfunctional gait. It is a powerful tool for functional assessment of orthopedic and neurological patients.


Hunova® is a robotic device for ankle, hip, lumbar spine rehabilitation and stability training. The machine combines human tactile skills.


Electromyography (EMG)® is a diagnostic procedure to assess the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them (motor neurons).

Sensory Integration

The evaluation of the child (4-12 years) within this theoretical framework facilitates a better sensory processing, positively impacting the level of attention, activity, perception.


The C-Mill® is a treadmill that uses visual and acoustic cues for gait and balance training and assessment. It is a team that allows learning adaptability strategies.


RAPAEL® is an intelligent rehabilitation system designed to promote arm function through participation in fun virtual activities. The system includes: RAPAEL Smartboard, to facilitate shoulder and elbow movements; RAPAEL Smart Glove focused on forearm, wrist and hand movements; RAPAEL Smart Pegboard aimed at fine motor skills. It is used in participants with neurological and neuromusculoskeletal disorders.