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Welcome message from Nilda

It is my privilege to welcome you to SER de Puerto Rico. Every day, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care. We are firmly guided by our mission and vision, and our work is also based on a deep commitment to care centered on the participant or student and their family.

Our extraordinary doctors, psychologists, therapists, teachers and assistants ensure the ideal environment for rehabilitation and education services. Innovation and technology are our strategies to achieve the maximum potential of each individual.

I invite you to learn about our services through the resources available on this website, or you can contact our offices directly at 787-767-6710.


Nilda R. Morales, Dr. hc, OTR, MS

President & CEO


Provide exceptional medical, therapeutic, and educational services to people with disabilities so that they develop their full potential.


Create solutions that change lives.


The first center in the country linking resources for the comprehensive rehabilitation of people with disabilities and from where they help build an inclusive society.


Love, professionalism, collaboration and commitment.

School Lawyer William Atiles Moreau

The curriculum of the Specialized School in Citizenship is framed in citizen educational models of Latin America and the general curriculum of the United Nations Organization. The school Lcdo. Guillermo Atiles Moreau of SER de Puerto Rico is the first school specialized in citizenship competencies in Puerto Rico. Our educational model is inclusive, where we integrate students with physical disabilities, the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and students without disabilities. Educational services range from kindergarten through the fourth year of high school, including the Montessori model.

Board of Directors

attorney Milton Cruz


Mr. Adriel Amaro

Vice president

Mr. Jorge Fuentes


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