Expression Project

The Expression Project is a program of interdisciplinary intervention that provides services to children, including three (3) and five (5) years of age with a diagnosis within the autism spectrum disorder in the centers of Ponce and San Juan. The development of training, behavioral and therapeutic skills is emphasized, and different strategies are used according to the needs of each of the participant. The program aims to prepare children to integrate into the regular flow of school and society.

  • Movement Lab – The gait analysis is the study of human movement and is a useful diagnostic tool in the area of ​​rehabilitation. The process is to detect and record human movements for further evaluation of this information. Then, the data is analyzed and teh required treatment is planned for.  
  • Construction of Orthotics Equipment – In this area splints for the uppers extremities are built and compression garments are adapted.
    • Orthotics or splints are custom made pieces of a thermoplastic material used to immobilize, restrict or support a body part to minimize an impairment, increase or restore function of the upper or lower limbs.
    • Compression garments are pieces of clothing made from assorted lycra fabrics that are tailored to be part of the soft elements of the compression therapy in combination with splints. These are for the upper extremities, head, trunk and lower extremities in order to prevent the development of hypertrophy scars.
  • Expedition Health – Community health program called Expedition Health is free of cost. Screenings for children from 0 to 5 are done to those who have not seen a specialist yet, in order to identify possible conditions that this population present and that may affect their overall development (physical, motor, social and speech).