World Social Work Day: human relations, COVID-19 and quarantine.

World Social Work Day: human relations, COVID-19 and quarantine.

By: Nelma L. Ortiz Correa, MSW
Social Worker- SER Ponce

The International Federation of Social Work, the International Association of Schools of Social Work and the International Council for Social Welfare invite us to celebrate World Social Work Day today, March 17, 2020, under the motto: Promoting the importance of human relationships. In Puerto Rico, during the past years, the College of Social Work Professionals and the National Association of Schools of Social Work have joined this effort. On this occasion, we are invited to reflect on the importance of building sustainable and interdependent communities to achieve social development and collective well-being. And it is precisely in times like the one we are experiencing worldwide that we look at the effectiveness we have as groups, at the cooperation and empathy that we can give in crises like the one we are facing. This morning I woke up with a talking car carrying an awareness message to stay at home, to take care of ourselves and take care of others and in this way I felt that in fact everything can flow as long as each one becomes aware and puts his grain of sand And thus achieve being an interdependent community ensuring well-being and development.  

In the current situation we see that the victims due to the pandemic are increasing every day. Which means that it is definitely in our hands that this number does not continue to grow. We probably don't see it in our community or in our close ones. But does that mean we're out of the woods? No. 

Let's take advantage of the motto that is shared with us on World Social Work Day. Because COVID-19 has not and will not destroy human relationships, on the contrary. Certainly, it is time to keep ourselves sheltered, to stay at home, but it does not mean that love, displays of affection, respect, empathy, solidarity, conscience and good judgment have also left quarantine. Let's take advantage of these days to heal family differences, to take care of the little ones and the old, to reconnect with your being, disconnect for a while from technology and go outside. Notice what is not your norm. Instead of wishing these weeks would go by quickly to get back to your routine, take advantage of the time that two weeks are enough to sow the seeds of new opportunities. Set priorities, reflect and see how strong we are as individuals and as a society, be proud of that. May this pause be a real one, one where we really meet in the here and now. Let's not visualize this as a stop or a sacrifice, but rather as an opportunity because unlike others we still have health and we have life. Let's be prudent with the information, clarify doubts and not fall into myths. Our duty is not only to take care of ourselves physically but also to maintain calm and mental tranquility. Because after these two weeks we will face a new stage that we still cannot specify.